Greg Pak

Apr 3

Are you and the others writers, (Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire, etc), organizing the continuity on DC Comics Universe in the New 52 or we gonna see the same errors there were in the past, what are your 3 favorite comic book characters and who is the king of all them for you???


We’re absolutely doing our best to keep things straight and I’ll often bug Scott or Charles with questions to make sure I’m getting certain details right. And of course our editors keep us on track. But these are monthly comics set in a shared universe with hundreds of characters and dozens of overlapping stories. So yes, there will be continuity hiccups. Sometimes we just make mistakes, and we’re sorry. And sometimes certain established elements simply conflict and there’s no way to reconcile them and we have to make choices that will serve the stories in the best way.

Three favorite comic book characters? Probably Superman, the Hulk, and Nausicaa. Favorite of all? That changes from month to month and year to year. But right now, Superman. Just having a spectacularly fun time writing him.