Greg Pak


"Dear Mr. Gygax," a.k.a. proof that I was probably the nerdiest kid in all of North Dallas in August 1982

While clearing out a storage room today, I found my old box of Dungeons and Dragons papers and figurines. And in a carefully saved envelope, I found a letter I sent on August 19, 1982, to Dungeons and Dragons creator Gary Gygax that had been returned to me by his company, TSR, along with their new product submission guidelines.

I love this letter because I’d completely forgotten it and it reminded me of who I was (and, let’s face it, who I still am — check out the centaur references on page 2). I also love it because it could probably be read pretty convincingly all the way through in the “Simpsons” Comic Book Guy voice.

But mostly I love it because the folks at TSR took the time to read the letter, underline the actual question I asked, and send me their submission packet. A thousand hearts to them for that.

I share this with you because it made me laugh, and I hope it’ll amuse you, too.

Hugs all ‘round, and keep loving what you love.