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WOCtover: America Chavez, Kamala Khan, Ororo Munroe.

2014.10.25 - Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente signing at JHU in NYC!

2014.10.25 – Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente signing at JHU in NYC!


I’m doing a signing with the great Fred Van Lente at JHU Comic Books in NYC this Saturday, October 25, from 5 to 6 pm!

The event is at 32 E. 32nd Street, NY, NY 10016. And yes, they will have copies of “Make Comics Like the Pros,” the how-to book co-written by Fred and me!

It’s all part of JHU’s awesome Halloween ComicFest.

Check out the details here and RSVP at Facebook here.

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Things I Finally Did Right in the NYCC Artists Alley

Things I Finally Did Right in the NYCC Artists Alley


In our book “Make Comics Like the Pros,” my co-writer Fred Van Lente provides some spectacular advice about how to work a comic book convention. This year at the New York Comic Con, I took Fred’s advice seriously and did my Artists Alley table up right for the first time. And I had my best con ever! So here’s what I did:

1. I’d printed up the “Code Monkey Save World” banner last year. But for…

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Code Monkey Save World  

By Greg Pak, Simon Bowland, Jessica Kholinne, and Takeshi Miyazawa

All available right now at Comixology!

Another nice review of “Make Comics Like the Pros”

Another nice review of “Make Comics Like the Pros”

Watch Play Read has posted a review of the “Make Comics Like the Pros” book that Fred Van Lente and I wrote. Here’s a fun quote:

“If comic books were like babies then Make Comics Like the Pros is your What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

And here’s the takeaway:

“A great book for the more advanced comic creator who is ready to transition from dreaming about making comics to actually making…

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Comic Book Review: Storm #4



Comic Book Review: Storm #4

The much-anticipated Death of Wolverine event has drawn to its inevitable conclusion, and the Marvel Universe is now reeling in the aftermath. As the various trees of the extensive X-family deal with the loss, so too is Ororo Munroe in Storm #4, mourning the loss of her partner. To their credit series writer Pak and artist Ibanez certainly deliver the story with appropriate emotional weight,…

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Always reblog Jean Arthur.

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Four talented professionals can’t be wrong! Make sure to preorder your copy of Fred Van Lente’s Resurrectionists #1!

2014.10.15 - “Batman/Superman” #15, “Storm” #4, and “Turok” #8 in stores now!

2014.10.15 – “Batman/Superman” #15, “Storm” #4, and “Turok” #8 in stores now!

Yep, I’ve got three books out this week! Collect ‘em all!

“Batman/Superman” #15 wraps up our mystically-induced-amnesia story with Batman teaming up with… Lois Lane!

“Storm” #4 shows how a goddess grieves when Ororo learns her lover Wolverine is dead. Geeked Out Nation calls it a “wonderful story.”

“Turok” #8 features the final showdown between our Native American, dinosaur-hunting hero and…

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Tomorrow!!! Storm #4!!! Looks so good!